JavaScript is a programming language that can be used almost anywhere. Netscape came up with JavaScript and used it on its then famous Netscape browser. Unfortunately, less than 1% internet users use Netscape today.

Introduction to JavaScript learning process

Until 2009, JavaScript was executable only on browsers. But then came NodeJS. NodeJs is nothing but JavaScript that can run outside of a browser. This opened many windows of opportunities.

Webapps kind of jump started after the invention of NodeJS. MangoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, ReactJS and many other JavaScript libraries were built using NodeJS.

Before 2009, JavaScript was only a front-end programming language but now it is used in backend also. So JS, in a way can replace almost any programming language!

I don’t think anyone ever knew that JavaScript is going to take over the tech industry. And this is my reason to learn JavaScript. It is a language that can do almost anything.

Let’s see what can be built with JavaScript

  1. Websites (of course)
  2. Web-apps
  3. Android apps
  4. iOS apps
  5. Server script
  6. Internet of Things(IoT)

Internet and JavaScript are very connected. Days are not far when we see driverless cars using JavaScript to make decissions.